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15 Best Aquarium Plants For Guppies



15 Best Aquarium Plants For Guppies

Having plants in an aquarium is assuredly a beneficial thing. If you have owned planted aquariums for a while, then you are aware of the benefits they provide.

Though, some aspects must not be ignored while keeping plants in an aquarium. Just like fishes, plants too have some preferences regarding the water parameters, lighting, and many more.

For the well-being of the plant, you must consider keeping the required levels constant. They must also be kept with the right tank partners, for if you pair them wrong, you will end up with eaten plants. 

In this article, I will take you through a list of plants that are best in a tank with Guppies. 

How to pick Plants for Guppies? 

Guppies are species of fish that admire plants. They love swimming around the aquarium with dense plants. Guppies will live perfectly in an aquarium with artificial plants but having live plants is better than artificial ones.

The presence of plants helps with their breeding as well.

Guppies will thrive in tanks with plenty of hiding places, and plants are the best in providing hiding places. They can breed well in a secluded area. The Guppy fry also thrives if there are hiding places. 

Make sure that the plants have the same lighting preferences as the Guppies. Also, Guppies swim around the top areas of the tank, so having plants that can reach the high areas of the aquarium is necessary.

Best Aquarium Plants for Guppies 

So the list begins here for 15 Best Aquarium Plants For Guppies: 

1. Guppy grass 

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Well, this plant has got the name of the species on it. So this is one of the best plants for Guppies. This plant grows to become dense. It is essential for the Guppy babies as they are perfect for providing hiding places for them.

These plants are easy to care for and are hardy plants. They are fast growers and will provide hiding places for your Guppy fry in no time. Just plant them in your substrate, and they will grow without any trouble. 

Guppy grass does an ideal job of oxygenating your aquarium and gets rid of harmful toxic substances such as ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, etc. They can adapt to various environments and are hardy plants.

They can survive in various ranges of temperature and lighting. So if you are fond of breeding and planning to breed your Guppies, then go for the Guppy grass to safeguard the Guppy babies.

2. Java Moss 

Java Moss is among the most popular aquarium plants. You will be able to witness this plant in almost every aquarium you will encounter. This plant is ideal for Guppies as it can provide Guppy fry with hiding places.

Within the vicinity of these plants, the fish fry can grow without any fear. So if you are a breeder this is a plant you can go for. 

Java Moss is in the category of fast growers and is a good oxidizing agent for an aquarium. You don’t need to worry about them too much as these are hardy plants, and taking care of them is not difficult.

Although they are susceptible to increasing the algae levels of the tank, you must not expose them to high levels of light.

3. Anacharis Elodea 

The Anacharis Elodea goes by the name Brazilian Water Weed as well. This plant can become very tall as they grow. So they are capable of covering every part of the aquarium. This is an essential quality for the Guppies.

As Guppies require hiding spots, the Anacharis Elodea provides this in every area of the tank. This is ideal for the Guppy fries as well, they will get a hiding place for themselves and grow properly. Provide this plant with its favored parameters and they will cover your aquarium in a couple of days. 

On top of providing hiding places for Guppies, the Anacharis is one of the best plants to clean your aquarium. They will effortlessly get rid of toxic chemicals from your aquarium.

Although you have to trim these plants as they can grow non-stop. You can also get a stem of this plant and plant it in your substrate if you want this plant.

4. Green Foxtail 

The Green Foxtail is similar to the Anacharis in terms of growth. These plants as well become very tall as they grow. They benefit the Guppies with hiding spots, keeping them secure.

The Guppy babies also benefit from these plants. They can grow quickly and are not difficult to care for. You don’t require any fertilizers for the Green Foxtail. You can plant them in the substrate or let them float in the water column.

5. Flame Moss 

The Flame Moss is a good plant for Guppies. Especially if you want to breed them. They can provide a safe place for the Guppy babies, therefore keeping them guarded against being eaten.

They are not that demanding in terms of care and grow in a moderate speed. They also give a unique look to the aquarium. They grow upwards like a flame, hence the name. Although you must not expose them to too much light.

6. Java fern 

Java Fern is a plant that can thrive in an aquarium without much care. These are easy to care for and are hardy plants. Their tolerance levels are impressive as they can survive in a wider range of parameters.

Their growth rate is slow, and as they grow they become tall and dense. These provide a good hiding place for Guppies and their babies in all parts of the aquarium. Keep several Java Fern in close vicinity to create the perfect dense hiding place for Guppy babies. 

You can use liquid fertilizers to speed up their growth. Although to grow them in your aquarium you must attach their roots to a surface such as driftwood or rock. They require moderate lighting.

7. Water Sprite 

Here is another plant that is perfect for breeding. The Water Sprite can create a good hiding space for the Guppy fry. This plant can become as tall as 13 inches, therefore hiding places will be there in most the parts of the aquarium.

This plant doesn’t demand much maintenance and is a hardy plant. Fertilizers are not a necessity, and they do well in moderate levels of lighting. You can either plant them in a sandy or gravel substrate or let them float in the water column.

8. Amazon Sword 

Also known as Echinodorus Bleheri or Echinodorus Grisebachii, the Amazon Sword plant is a good addition for Guppies. These plants can become tall and big as they grow, so helps with keeping the Guppies and their babies safe. They are also ideal for helping pregnant guppies while they are giving birth.

You will require root tabs to grow these plants in your aquarium. These have a moderate growth rate but they can be catalyzed by using fertilizers, carbon dioxide, and lighting. Although if you have a small tank don’t go for the Amazon Sword.

9. Water Wisteria 

The Water Wisteria is an ideal plant to have in an aquarium. You can use this to carpet your aquarium or keep them as background plants. Anyway, these plants are capable of keeping the Guppy babies safe by providing hiding spots.

Its growth rate is high, and a low-maintenance plant. They are efficient in cleaning the water and are hardy plants. Although, they prefer moderate to high levels of light.

10. Hornwort

Hornwort is capable of providing hiding places for the Guppy fry. They grow stems and give an exotic look to the aquarium. With their high growth rate and dense stems, they keep the Guppy babies safe.

They are hardy plants and don’t demand too much care. They can adapt themselves to extreme levels of temperature and parameters. Provide Hownwort with moderate lighting for controlled growth. Fertilizers are also not necessary in the case of Hornwort. 

11. Anubias 

Along with keeping your Guppies safeguarded, they give a good look to your aquarium. With their thick leaves, they provide a good place to hide for the Guppy fry.

They are capable of growing flowers underwater. They are slow growers and do well in moderate lighting. You will have to attach this plant to a surface such as a rock or a decor to grow it in your aquarium

12. Water Lettuce 

Water Lettuce is an ideal floating plant in a tank with Guppies. They have big leaves and long roots, with these they can keep the Guppy fry safe. They are capable of growing quickly.

Although for their fast growth you will have to provide them with nutrients.

13. Duckweed 

The Duckweed is a floating plant that is capable of providing hiding places for your Guppies and their fry. They can grow extremely fast and is not that hard to keep.

They don’t demand much care and are efficient in cleaning your aquarium. They are fond of high lighting conditions and can tolerate extreme levels of water parameters.

They also don’t require fertilizers. Although their fast growth can sometimes be a hindrance. So you have to keep their growth in control and trim them.

14. Moneywort

Moneywort is the category of the plant that can become tall as they grow. They can grow on the exterior of the aquarium as well. They have small leaves and keeping several of these close to each other, creates a perfect surrounding for the protection of the Guppy babies.

They are hardy plants and require moderate lighting. Provide them with the optimal water parameters and nutrients and watch them thrive and grow in your aquarium.

15. Cryptocoryne 

The Cryptocoryne is a plant that is not that tall but is beneficial to the Guppies. These plants provide a hiding place for your Guppies and their babies in the low levels of your tank. You will have to root them in the substrate. You can use root tabs to grow them or you can use liquid fertilizers.

So several plants prove to be ideal for Guppies. They can protect the Guppy and their fry by providing hiding spots. All of these plants are easy to care for and are hardy ones.

So they won’t have a problem adapting to the water parameter needs of Guppies. Get any of these plants for your Guppies and watch them thrive and grow efficiently.

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