Aquarium Heaters and Why you should use them?

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Keeping an aquarium is a hobby where each condition must be kept under careful balance. Nevertheless, every fish has its range of temperatures they prefer and under which they can thrive and be healthy. You must maintain the temperature range to not let your fishes succumb to stress and several other health deficits.

Temperature is a crucial aspect of an aquarium, which automatically makes a heater an essential piece of equipment. A heater maintains the temperature of the water column, therefore, contributing to the quality of life for the fish.

What is an aquarium heater?

An aquarium heater is a device used in the hobby of fishkeeping to raise the temperature of aquarium water. It’s a simple electrical gadget that keeps the water in the tank at a constant temperature. You don’t have to worry about the heaters getting damaged by the water. Aquarium heaters come as waterproof since they must be totally or partially submerged in the tank’s water.

Types of aquarium heater

Just like any other equipment of an aquarium heaters come with different types as well. There are options for you to choose the one for yourself.

The different types of heaters are submersible heaters and half submersible ones. The submersible ones are that stay entirely submerged in the water. The half submersible are partially submerged in the water.

Which type of heater is the best?

To make it easy for you, the best type of heater for your aquarium is fully submersible ones. This kind of aquarium is safer to use as well. This keeps the temperature in the tank consistent and prevents the heater from being exposed while making partial water changes.

Although if you wish to go for half submersible one you will have to remember to unplug the heater before changing the water. If you leave the heater on, then the heater remains warm and may shatter when the tank is refilled with water. You may also need to place an air stone beneath it to help the cool water reach the heat source.

Why to use a heater in an aquarium?

This is a question with an obvious answer. Heaters are necessary in an aquarium. Aquarium heaters are a piece of essential equipment and play a vital role in keeping the ecosystem balanced. A heater ensures that a tank does not become too cold. With a heater, the temperature remains constant throughout the day, even if the surrounding temperature fluctuates. Most of the fish that you keep in an aquarium are tropical fish. An aquarium heater is required for the health and survival of your fish. The immune system of the fish weakens in the absence of an aquarium heater. In cold temperatures, many fish become stressed and less active and can even lead to death. With heaters your fishes can live within the sweet spot. So the maintenance of the temperature is a must and heaters do the work for you effortlessly.

Placing the heater in the right spot

The optimal place for a heater is near the highest water flow. Water running immediately through the heater disperses heated water rapidly and evenly throughout the tank. Place your heaters near the filter’s outlet or the stream of a powerhead. Placing it near these spots will equally distribute the heat all over the aquarium with the water flow.

Optimal Heater Size

The aquarium heater should be 2 to 5 watts per gallon of water capacity. If you live in an area where the temperature remains high, then go for 2 watts, or if you live in cooler regions, then 5 watts per gallon is sufficient.

Let us assume you have a tank of 30 gallons then you need a 150-watt heater.   

If your tank is large, consider installing two heaters at opposite ends of the tank with equal watts per gallon. Keeping two heaters will keep the temperature consistent throughout the tank.

Heaters are important! Without it an aquarium will never be complete. The control of the temperature that the heater contributes is very essential. Your fishes require an optimal temperature to live in harmony and not fall prey to sicknesses. With a proper heater your fishes will be exposed to a healthy ecosystem. A heater cuts off a lot of work for you as well.

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