Aquarium Water Refill – Fast and Easy Methods 

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Refilling the water in an aquarium is an obvious thing that one must do. It is an apparent step after cleaning or doing water changes. Filling up your aquarium is probably the lengthiest and most exhausting procedure that requires recurrent effort. Refilling not only requires just dumping in the water. There are certain things that you should be aware. You must not disturb the substrate, or it will make your water cloudy. You will also have to dechlorinate the water before adding, for if you do not, your aquarium will be back to square one.  

Now there’s no need to think hard about it. There are ways in which the refilling of the aquarium can be done with ease and quickly as well. Although for them, you might require certain pieces of equipment. In this article, you will find easy and fast methods to refill an aquarium.  

Aquarium Water Refill Methods

1. Using a water pump 

A water pump is just what you need if you are thinking of a quick and effortless way to refill your aquarium. With it, you’ll only have to sit around and watch your aquarium get empty and get refilled again. Although not effortless, you will have to have a hose for your pump, attach it and turn on the pump. But all these come on par with being effortless.  

What you have to do, is to attach the hose or a pipe to where it fits in the pump. Then put the pump in the aquarium, and the other end of the hose into a bucket or container. This one is if you are emptying your aquarium. Remember to get a hose that fits perfectly to your water pump and the length to your liking. Now, all you need to do is turn on the hose and wait and watch. Your aquarium will be empty in no time, all you need is patience.  

For filling your aquarium, first attach the hose to your pump. Then get a container that is free of any other chemical substance. Getting unrequired chemical substances into your aquarium is just hazardous. Fill the container with water and put the water pump in it. The other end of the hose will go to your aquarium. Dechlorinate your water, and then turn on the hose. The aquarium will be filled with ease.  

So this is the easiest and the fastest way of refilling an aquarium. Get yourself acquainted with a water pump with the ideal size for your tank and refilling aquariums has never been easier. All you need to do is connect the hose to your water pump and then turn it on. 

2. A python 

A Python is what one thinks of undoubtedly if they’re not going for a water pump. Although the Python does not perform as rapidly as a water pump, and there is a lot of water waste in it, which in the case of a water pump is nil.  

The Python comes with its hose and adaptors. Whether you’re trying to empty a tank or refill a tank, you will have to attach the adaptor of the faucet first, then the hose to the faucet.  

To refill an aquarium, what you will have to do is to set the adaptor to fill. But remember to dechlorinate the aquarium and check the water temperature before turning the faucet on and start adding water to your aquarium. If you’re over the two things, it’s time to refill your aquarium. Put the gravel back end to your aquarium and turn the lever to let the water flow into your tank. Turn on the faucet and switch the adaptor to fill. Then the only thing left to do is wait for your aquarium to get refilled.  

To empty the aquarium, set the end attached to the faucet to drain and then turn on the faucet. Adjust the pressure you want, and the aquarium will start to drain out. Although turning on the faucet during the whole draining process, will only waste too much water. So after you’ve reached the preferred pressure, you can loosen the hose from the faucet and place it in a container or a sink. But remember, the whole length of the hose must be downwards, or the water flow will stop.  

3. With just hoses 

The last method is if you don’t have access to a water pump or a python. For this, all you need is a hose. Get acquainted with a hose with the required length and get ready.  

If you are aiming to refill your tank, first get a container and fill it with water. Remember to dechlorinate the water. Now put one end of the hose into the water-filled container and the other into your aquarium.  

Next thing is to suck on the end of the hose on the aquarium until you created enough pressure and the water starts flowing in.  

After that wait for the aquarium to get refilled or if it doesn’t get refilled fully, then fill in the container again, dechlorinate and do the whole thing again until your aquarium is full to the desired amount.  

Now to empty a tank, you must put one end of the hose into your aquarium and the other end into a container. Then suck on the end of the hose in the container and let the water flow into your container. Make sure that you have another container ready if the first container is not big enough to fit the water.  

Refilling has never been so easier. With the buckets and all, it might be the lengthiest process of all. With the methods mentioned it is safe to say that you can forget about all the buckets and all the mess. Just need a hose and a piece of equipment, nothing more. With just one tap you can fill and empty your tank. Although don’t forget about the temperature and the dechlorinator. You wouldn’t want your aquarium to go out of order.  

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