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Top 5 Best Quiet Aquarium Filter (Recommendations)



Top 5 Best Quiet Aquarium Filters

Filters are an absolute necessity in an aquarium. But the kind of filter you want in your aquarium must be of the optimal kind. The GPH, size, etc all must be taken into consideration. Even the fish species that you have in your aquarium must be taken into consideration.

Noise is one thing that you would want to examine in an aquarium filter. Filters produce noise while they are operating. The noise can be disturbing and irritating at times. So you must get an aquarium filter that keeps the noise to a minimum. 

Finding one might be troublesome for you, but we have got you covered. This article features a list of the quietest aquarium filter you can avail yourself of.

Best Quite Aquarium Filter 

1. Fluval 07 Series Canister Filter 

Fluval 07 Series Canister Filter 

The Fluval 07 Series are among the quietest filters for aquariums. Large rubber feet on the filter aid to prevent vibration, and sound-dampening supports on the shaft connects to the motor further which contribute to noise reduction.

It may be as quiet as a ticking watch at only 20 to 25 dB, depending on size. After first priming, you could hear a very slight hum, but leave it for 2 to 4 days to completely remove any air, and it should cease. 

Along with being extremely quiet, these come with customizable media baskets, and it is self-priming. So you can add a variety of filter media. They are easy to start and are powerful filters that come with enough GPH to filter a 50-gallon tank. The series starts with 145 GPH up to 383 GPH, suitable for tanks from 10 to 100 gallons.

2. AquaClear Fish Tank Filter 

AquaClear Fish Tank Filter 

Among the Hang on back filters, the AquaClear Fish Tank Filter is the quietest. They are so quiet and cleaning them is easy as pie. The impeller floats within a magnetic field to lessen friction and noise, which is one of the reasons the device operates so quietly.

The filters from AquaClear are simple to maintain. But they still require upkeep. An AquaClear that is creating a lot of noise requires attention. They can occasionally be a little noisy near the top of the tank, but this is usually fixed by changing the flow. So you will have to maintain them properly. 

AquaClear manufactures filters for fish tanks of all sizes. There are five types, with capacities ranging from 5 to 110 gallons and flow rates of 100 to 500 GPH. These filters offer three stages of filtration and crystal clear water thanks to their big capacity and ability to be customized with your material.

You are free to use different materials if you choose. With the three-stage filtration, your tank will remain clean and they do their job effectively.

3. Tetra Whisper Ex 

Tetra Whisper Ex 

The Tetra Whisper Ex is also of the aquarium filters that keep noise to a minimum. On top of being quiet, the Tetra Whisper Ex brings forward an effective and powerful cleaning of your aquarium.

The filter’s suction power and regular water circulation maintain the tank clean and less harmful. The filter also offers multi-stage filtering, always advantageous.

The filter maintains the water flowing steadily in the tank despite the accumulation of trash and dirt. Additionally, the regular water circulation helps to some extent reduce debris buildup in the tank.

Filter cartridges are also included in the interiors. They are easily washable and detachable.

The flexible features of this aquarium filter make it perfect for tanks with a volume of 45 to 70 gallons or less. Furthermore, cleaning and replacement are made simple by the no-mess cartridge. The setup of the filter is easy as well.

4. NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Filter 

The NO.17 Submersible Filter is a very effective but almost completely quiet device. However, it does make noise by blowing plenty of bubbles.

However, this is great for giving your tank adequate aeration so that your fish stay healthy. Also, this is a powerful filter, and it comes with the option of an adjustable flow rate. Additionally, it is simple to disassemble the pump head and filter for cleaning.

It is possible to remove one of the sponge inserts from the filter and replace it with your biological media to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and lower ammonia and other toxins.

The filter only has sponge inserts for mechanical and some biological filtering.

5. Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filter 

This is an effective and quiet filter for your aquarium. The robust filter is made to offer mechanical, chemical, and biological filtering in the best possible way.

Even without electricity, the self-priming design gives the best maintenance. The installation procedure is rather easy and secure for use by beginners. 

The LED indication light is one of this filter’s special characteristics. When the cartridges need to be replaced, the light flashes and warns the user. It enables you to keep an eye on the water levels without any difficulties or delays.

Leakage hazards are decreased, and noise levels are kept to a minimum because of the internal pump design. It includes a replacement carbon cartridge that may be cleaned properly.


A quiet aquarium filter provides a peaceful atmosphere around your home. Having a noisy filter can be very disturbing. But you should not look for silence only, you will have to look for quality as well. The filter must be powerful enough to clean your aquarium alongside being quiet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1:What are the Different Types of Filters?

There are different kinds of filter from which you can choose a filter for your aquarium. There are several kinds but the common types of filter are Hang on back filters, Canister filters and Sponge Filters. 

Q2: Which type of Filter is the quietest? 

Among all the kinds of filters, the ones that generate the lowest sound are Canister Filters. Next to them are Hang on Back filters. But all Canister Filters are not quiet, you will have to choose the correct one.

Q3: How to get the right Quiet Aquarium Filter? 

Aside from noise, there are different facets that require scrutinization while getting a filter. As being quiet is not the only thing that you should go after. The filter needs to be powerful, geared up enough to clean the water column efficiently. 

Q4: What are Filtration Stages?

A good and efficient filter must have all the stages of filtration. It must have chemical filtration, mechanical filtration and biological filtration. With all the three stages of filtration, your aquarium will be crystal clear and free of any unwanted and harmful substances. 

Q5: Is Maintenance Required?

Maintenance and cleaning of the filter is one thing you have to keep in mind. Look for one that doesn’t take much upkeep if you don’t want the headache of cleaning it for years. A filter that allows for simple media, filter, and cartridge changes is ideal. The most maintenance is needed for canister filters. HOBs come after them and are simpler and cleaner to keep. To keep them in the best possible condition to remain silent, they should be checked once every two or three weeks.

Q6: Are these Filters Expensive? 

Fish tank filters are not usually inexpensive. There are a few less expensive choices, and then there are the expensive ones. Normally, efficiency and quality should be considered before making a decision. 

Q7: Best Quiet fish tank filter 40 gallon

For 40 gallon tank you can go for AquaClear Fish Tank Filter or Fluval 07 Canister Filter. These are effective for that size of tank and are capable of cleaning your tank effectively. 

Q8: Best Quiet filter for 75 gallon tank 

For a 75 gallon as well AquaClear Fish Tank Filter and Fluval 07 Canister Filters are ideal choices. These quite filters comes for various tank sizes. 

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