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How to Choose Aquarium Plants for your Aquarium?



How to Choose Aquarium Plants for your Aquarium

A planted aquarium gives out a fresh and natural appearance and also proves that your aquarium is a gaily one. Live plants conduce a perfect ecosystem and habitat for your fishes. Although similar to fish, plants are of different species and have their spheres of comfort regarding the different conditions of the aquarium. They have their temperature preference, light exposure fondness, water conditions, and more. Even compatibility with the fishes must be taken into consideration to create a harmonious environment in the aquarium.

So there are conditions that you should know about before making plant additions to your aquarium. Having or taking a caprice action won’t help at all. Everyone wants plants, but just going out and bringing in one is not what you would want to do. If the conditions are not met, then the plant will wither away.

In this article, you will find all the necessary steps and guide regarding adding plants to your aquarium.

Choosing the right plant for your aquarium  

Plants make your aquarium look elegant and natural. Every aquarium owner considers keeping plants in their tank, but there are conditions that you have to take into account before adding plants. For in an aquarium there is a myriad of things that you must look after when getting an aquarium. You will have to check whether the plant you want is compatible with your aquarium or not.

The size of your tank is the very first thing that you must pay attention to. It will determine the size of the plant that you would want. For if you have a small tank and add a plant that grows to become large and tall then there would be turmoil.

The plant will take over the tank and you will be busy with your scissors. You must introduce a plant that goes with the size of your tank. If you ignore the size of your tank then you are bringing turmoil into your aquarium with your own hands.

Now comes the conditions of the tank such as temperature, pH levels, and more. You will have to check the preferences of both the fish and plants in this matter. You need to check the preferred temperature range, hardness, and everything of both the fish and the plant.

The preferences but be on par with each other. If the preferences are not the same then the plants will suffer in your aquarium. They will not be able to be as vibrant and beautiful as they are meant to be, resulting in a sad-looking aquarium.

You must also see whether plants can be compatible with the species of fish you have in your aquarium or not. See whether the species that you have are of the lot that eats plants or not. The majority of the fishes that you have in the aquarium might be plant-eaters but evade the ones that can gobble up the whole plant. You don’t want plants filled with holes in your aquarium.

Also when you are adding plants you must check their growth rate. If you have a mixture of fast-growing and slow-growing plants, it is a nightmare for the slow growers. The rapid growers will thrive and overshadow the slow ones. After they have grown they will create a hindrance of light for the slow ones. The slow ones will not be able to get the amount of light they require and will hence make them slow. So adding a mixture of fast growers and slow growers is a big no.

Benefits of plants in an aquarium

Live plants bring in a lot of benefits to the aquarium. They not only give your aquarium a natural and vibrant look but make the life of your fish a lot easier as well.

With live plants in your aquarium, the CO2 levels will remain low and the oxygen levels will be balanced. As plants take in carbon dioxide to make their nutrients through photosynthesis and release oxygen, your fishes don’t have to gasp for oxygen on the surface of the water.

They also absorb ammonia and nitrates, which prove to be harmful to your fish. Therefore they contribute towards a proper life for your fish. They also impede the spread and growth of algae as they absorb the nutrients. They don’t give a chance for the algae to grow.

The benefits that plants bring to your aquarium make it a necessity. It is healthy to have some thriving green plants in your aquarium. But you have to keep in mind a lot of things before adding one. Scrutinize everything about the plant you want and the fish that you have. For if there are contradictory preferences it will be a problem for your plants to survive. You must keep things in harmony for the best life on both sides.

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