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How to Fix a Leaking Aquarium or Fish Tank?




A leak in the aquarium is something the aquarists don’t even want to imagine happening. The worst part is not the leak but that it happens unnoticed. One can only notice when half of the water is leaked and added up problems for you. Leaking is a phenomenon that should be looked upon and mended as soon as you notice it. Never develop the habit of “ill do it later” in the case of leakage in your aquarium. A leakage will burden you with more tasks and endanger the life of your fish as well.

It is a fact that aquariums will leak after a certain period. Nothing lasts in this world, and it is the same with aquariums. After, some time aquariums are bound to leak. Although leakage is repairable, making your aquarium as good as new.

Why do aquariums leak?

There is one reason which accounts for leakage in the aquarium.

Aquariums usually leak when the sealant of the tank becomes weak or gets worn off. The sealant acts as an adhesive holding the glass panes of an aquarium together.

The sealant is usually silicone, and it does an excellent job of holding together the glass panes. But not for too long. In time the adhesive will become weak, and it diminishes, ensuing in a leak in an aquarium. As the sealant becomes worn out, your hands must do the work of fixing it.

How to fix a leaking aquarium?

Now that your aquarium is leaking, do not back out, for it is the worst thing that you can do. Also fixing a leak in an aquarium doesn’t require much work and won’t tire you out. You will need some tools and a bit of your time.

The pieces of equipment that you require while fixing a leak are as follows:

  • A Silicone Sealant
  • Razor Blade
  • Acetone
  • Towels

Make sure that you use a proper Silicone Sealant meant for fixing aquariums. If you use some other sealant, it will cause problems as it will contain chemicals. The best option is to go to the nearest aquarium store and buy a silicone sealant.

Now let us get onto the fixing of the leakage.

First of all, empty your tank. Detach the pieces of equipment, remove decorations and keep the fish safely in a container.

Now, your tank is empty, move on to the following steps.

The next thing you will have to do is remove the old sealant. With the razor blade, scrape off the old sealant totally. Do it with care and without hesitation. Ensure that you have done it accurately and there are no traces of the old sealant. If there is, then the new sealant will not function properly. After scraping everything off, apply acetone on the towel and wipe the area. It will clean the area, making it suitable for the new sealant to maintain rigidity properly.

Now comes the principle part, applying the silicone sealant. After the acetone dries up, open your silicone sealant and apply it to the required area from the inside. Remember to make the amount of the sealant that you are applying the right amount. Less is also not good, and more is harmful as well. After applying, use something to smoothen the silicone.

After that is just the waiting game, wait for the sealant to dry up. It usually takes up about a day or so. Upon drying up, pour in the water, add the necessary equipment, décor, and your fish. Observe the aquarium for leaks. If it is not leaking, it is a job well done, and sit back and relax.

Signs of leakage in an aquarium

It is near impossible to notice leaking in an aquarium if the sealant has become weak within a small area. If you have the habit of checking on the aquarium, it won’t be a problem as there are higher chances of you noticing the leakage.

The most common and sensible thing that you can do would be to check the water levels. Give attention to the water level every time you clean the tank and refill it. If the water level has gone down, it is a clear-cut sign that your aquarium is leaking.

The next thing you can do is to see whether the platform in which you have kept the aquarium is wet or not.

A leak in an aquarium is something you wouldn’t want in your aquarium. It just adds up too much mess. Make sure that you buy a good quality tank as its sealants will last longer than the cheaper ones. The method mentioned in this article is the best and most effective way to fix an aquarium leak. Just remember to do it accurately.

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