How to Fix Micro Bubbles in an Aquarium? 

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Micro Bubbles is a familiar term or an occurrence if you own an aquarium. It is a common problem. Microbubbles are not a complicated thing they are tiny air-filled sacks that float about in the water.

A few may not affect your aquarium, but the problem arises when they begin to appear in large numbers. The sources of these bubbles can be anything from your equipment to the uncleanness of your aquarium.  

In this article, you will find a guide through a series of sources or causes of these microbubbles. You will be guided on remedies on how to remove them from your tank.

So, stick around to get rid of all the microbubbles from your aquarium.  

Consequences or Effects of Microbubbles  

Microbubbles usually begin to affect your aquarium once they start to appear in large numbers. By large, I mean enormous numbers enough to fill your whole aquarium.

YouTuber – 523tracy shows his Micro Bubbles in his Aquarium

The most malign effect that it can give out is to make your aquarium look dirty and cloudy. Even if your aquarium is perfectly clean, the microbubbles manage to make it look like it is filthy by making it appear cloudy.  

Microbubbles can also make it difficult for fish to see food and other objects, which can lead to starvation.

While, having too much Microbubbles indicates that the Fish tank may be filled with lots of impurities.

What are the causes or sources of these microbubbles in Fish Tank?  

The annoying eventuality of microbubbles in an aquarium is mostly caused because of various sources. These sources give rise to these persistent bubbles resulting in a grotesque appearance of your tank.  

The number one source of these microbubbles is the filter. Any kind of filter when not attached or assembled properly, then the microbubbles are a given. If it is not attached properly, the air is sure to seep in and create bubbles in your aquarium.  

The source of these bubbles can also be the sponge of your filter. The sponge filter can be filled with air. The air-filled sponges are also a great cause for the generation of microbubbles in your aquarium.

Not solely filter is the cause, if you have brought in a new carbon media for your aquarium, it can cause microbubbles as well but will go away in time. 

Microbubbles will appear in your aquarium if the hose connection is not accurately submerged in the water. If the hose connection is just partway submerged in the water, the bubbles will find a way to your aquarium.  

Microbubbles will occur with the improper flow of water through the filter. When the water intake of the filter is slower than the removal of the water from the filter, then the microbubbles will be generated.

This water flow imbalance is generally caused by the clogging of the sponge of your filter. As all the suspended particles are cleaned up by the sponge, the accumulation of dirt will cause the water flow imbalance.  

A dirty tank is a major cause of the bubbles as well. Microbubbles will not pop if your tank is dirty. They will accumulate on the top. The water may be contaminated with poor quality food making it greasy.

The greasiness of the water will not allow the bubbles to pop and hence they will accumulate and give your tank a bad look.  

If your filter is adjacent to an air stone, the microbubbles will be generated. The filter intake will suck in the bubbles made by the air stone, giving out microbubbles as a final product.  

How do I get rid of microbubbles in an Aquarium?  

Now that we have taken a ride through the sources and causes of the microbubbles, let us get on to how to fix them. Every problem has a solution and in the case of microbubbles treating the source directly is the best remedy. Fixing or getting rid of the source will create no more microbubbles.  

Hence, if you are going through a bubble outrage, it is wise to check the filter. The filter is the most common cause of the generation of microbubbles.

Remove the filter from the tank and deconstruct it. Reattach every part properly and with precision. It will surely get rid of the bubbles if the filter is causing them. Also, remember to move the filter a bit further from the air stone if you have kept them close.  

The sponge is an integral part of a filter, but it can also cause problems like microbubbles. If you have got yourself a new sponge or have just finished cleaning the one you have, it might be full of air.

To get rid of the air from the sponge, immerse it in water and squeeze. Keep squeezing it until and unless no bubbles appear in the water.  

A dirty sponge is also a major cause of air bubbles. A dirty sponge means a clogged sponge. A dirt-clogged sponge will create a misproportion in the flow of the water through the filter giving rise to microbubbles.

So the remedy to this is simply to clean the sponge. Immerse it in aquarium water and squeeze it till all the dirt is removed.  

Check if your hose connection is submerged completely or not. If it is done halfway then microbubbles will appear in your aquarium. So get going and submerge the hose completely in the water.  

Lastly, clean your tank if it is dirty. A dirty tank will not only give rise to bubbles but other problems as well.

Every tank is bound to get dirty and keeping it clean is in your hands. Don’t slack off on the cleaning part as it will bring unwanted consequences as nothing good will come out of a dirty tank. 

Microbubbles a subtle problem when it starts but as it becomes severe you yourself wouldn’t want to look at your tank.

The cloudy look is one thing you wouldn’t want your aquarium to have. The main causes can be the filter and the dirtiness of the tank. Fix the filter and your aquarium will be microbubble free. Clean your tank and sponge, and await the crystal clear view of your tank.  

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