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Top 16 Types of Platy Fish Breeds For Your Aquarium 



Top 16 Types of Platy Fish Breeds For Your Aquarium 

Platy fish are one of the most popular species of freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby. They are known for their peaceful temperament, hardiness, and vibrant colors, making them a great addition to any community tank. With so many different types of platy fish breeds available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your aquarium. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 16 types of platy fish breeds, including their unique characteristics and requirements, to help you make an informed decision when selecting your next aquatic pet. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, there’s a platy fish breed out there that’s perfect for your tank. 

Overview of Platy Fish 

Platy fish are a popular species of freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby due to their peaceful nature, hardiness, and vibrant colors.

They are native to Central America and Mexico, and have been bred in captivity for over a century. Platy fish are members of the Poeciliidae family, which also includes other popular aquarium fish such as guppies and swordtails.

There are several different types of platy fish breeds available, each with their own unique characteristics and requirements. Some of the most popular types of platy fish include the red wag platy, Mickey Mouse platy, sunburst platy, and tuxedo platy. Each of these breeds has its own distinct coloration and pattern, making them a great choice for adding visual interest to your aquarium.

Platy fish are known for their ease of care, and can thrive in a variety of tank setups. They prefer a pH range of 6.8-8.5 and a water temperature between 70-82°F.

Platy fish are omnivores and will readily accept a variety of foods, including flakes, pellets, and frozen or live foods. 

The ideal tank size for them is between 10 to 20 gallons and they appreciate plenty of hiding places and vegetation in their tank, as well as a moderate current and regular water changes to maintain good water quality.

They should also be kept in groups of about 6 in a tank and the average size they can grow to is about 2 inches. 

Top 16 Types of Platy Fish For Your Aquarium

1. Neon Gold Calico Platy 

Source: Fishkeeping world

This calico-patterned platy comes among the rarest platies and has an astonishing appearance. This variant of platyfish has become increasingly popular in the aquarium hobby.

The Neon Gold Calico Platy has a bright yellow-gold base color, with patches of black on its body and fins. The black patches which resemble calico can vary in shape and size, ranging from small dots to larger splotches. The whole pattern and color of the body of this fish remind people of Koi fish and this is probably why this platy is popular among aquarists. 

2. Swordtail Platy 

Regarded as one of the rarest platyfish, the Swordtail Platy is a popular breed of platyfish among aquarium enthusiasts. This breed gets its name from its elongated, sword-like extension at the base of its tail fin that distinguishes it from other platy breeds. Although, female swordtail platies don’t possess the extension rather they have a rounded tail end. 

Swordtail platies are available in a variety of colors, such as red, yellow, black, and green, with a striped pattern on their body. Through their sword-like extensions, the males transfer sperm to the females. They don’t require a high level of care and attention. It makes your tank look distinguished and you can take care of it easily.

3. Blue Mickey Mouse Platy 

The Blue Mickey Mouse Platy is a unique and eye-catching variant of platyfish known for its distinctive coloration and “Mickey Mouse” tail fin. This fish has a blue or sapphire body and has a Mickey Mouse pattern at the base of its tailfin, with two dark spots on each end of the tail. 

Therefore, they are sure to get the attention of anyone who is watching your aquarium. The Mickey Mouse pattern is what makes this platy popular and unique.

4. Rainbow Wagtail Platy 

The Rainbow Wagtail Platy is a beautiful and colorful breed of freshwater that is known for its vibrant colors and distinctive colors, which gives it a unique appearance. The tail of this fish is the most beautiful part of it with a deep mysterious black color. Its body boasts a number of colors such as yellow, red, green, blue, and orange. 

But their vibrant rainbow-like blend of colors is seen properly when subjected to the best level of care and diet. This being said, the Rainbow Wagtail Platy Fish, is easy to care for and can be kept by beginners as well.

5. Panda Platy 

As the name suggests, the Panda Platy’s colors and patterns resemble that of pandas. By being able to grow to about 2 inches, this variant of platyfish has caught the attention of a lot of aquarists. 

The Panda Platy has a base color of white with black patches on its body and fins, giving it a distinct panda-like appearance. The black patches are typically found on the edges of the fins, giving them a delicate and elegant appearance. The better the black designs on its body, the superior it is regarded to be.

6. Gold Wagtail Platy 

With a bright and distinct golden shade on its body, the Gold Wagtail Platy comes as a great addition to an aquarium. With their elegant appearance, they can light up any tank. The Gold Wagtail Platy has a bright golden-yellow color with black color on its fins. 

In addition to their golden body and black fins, some of them even have black spots on its body.

7. Red Wagtail Platy 

Like other wagtail platies, this Wagtail Platy comes with black fins but with vibrant red colored bodies.

Their body has a distinctive red to deep orange color on its body and jet black tail that makes your tank look elegant. Like other platies they are easy to care for and you can simply feed them flake foods and vegetables.

8. Tuxedo Gold Platy 

The Tuxedo Gold Platy with its striking black and gold coloration, resemble a tuxedo pattern. The Tuxedo Gold Platy has a bright gold to-yellow base color with black patches on its body.

The black patches are arranged in a tuxedo pattern. Although not all of them have similar patterns of black patches and might not look as elegant. These fishes can grow up to 2 inches and do not require a high level of care.  

9. Neon Blue Wagtail Platy

This platyfish has a unique appearance and is one of the most popular platies around. The Neon Blue Wag Platy has a neon blue body with dark-colored fins. The fins and tail are also edged in black, which adds to the fish’s overall beauty. The overall look of this fish is extremely cozy to the eyes and you can watch these fishes glide around in the tank for hours.

This might be a popular fish species because of its unique appearance but it’s not available in large numbers like the others. But if you get your hands on one of these variants of platy, it is worthwhile to keep it.

10. Tuxedo Red Platy 

The tuxedo platys are a beautiful variant of platyfish and the Tuxedo red Platy does not fall behind in terms of appearance. This breed is known for its bright red body and contrasting black “tuxedo” markings on its body. The Tuxedo Red Platy has a predominantly red body, with an accompaniment of black markings. 

The contrast between the red and black colors gives the Tuxedo Red Platy a bold and eye-catching appearance that is sure to stand out in any aquarium. Although most of the time, the black marking can be dominant and can cover a large portion from the tail to the head.  

11. Sunset Platy 

This might be the brightest fish you can observe. The Sunset Platy has a predominantly yellow-orange body with a gradient of red hues on its fins and tail.

The colors on this breed are particularly striking and vibrant, making it a popular choice for aquarists looking to add some color to their tanks. Sometimes they can also have black fins but these are rare.

12. Golden Green Tuxedo Wagtail Platy 

This Wagtail Platy is a distinct one and aquarium enthusiast loves having one in their tank. They have vibrant colors and unique designs and it resembles Rainbow and Tuxedo Platy.

Their body is a canvas of a mixture of yellow, green, and golden color. This breed is known for its shimmering golden, green, and yellow body color, which is complemented by striking black stripes and a contrasting white belly.

13. Gold Twin Bar Platy 

These fishes with yellow-colored bodies can easily make your aquarium stand out. They get their name “Twin Bar” from the two black stripes that they have on the top and bottom ends of their tail fin. The overall effect is a striking and vibrant coloration that can add a lot of visual interest to any aquarium.

The Gold Twin Bar Platy is a small breed of fish, with males reaching a maximum size of around 2 inches and females reaching around 2.5 inches. They are peaceful and sociable, making them a great addition to community aquariums.  

14. Black Hamberg Platy 

This variant of platies has a black coloration in its body with a rather different pattern than a tuxedo platy. The Black Hamberg Platy has a dark black color extending from the base of the tail to its head.

The color in the head of this fish is golden or red in color. Similarly, the fins are also red, gold, or transparent in color. In this variant of platy, the fins will never have black coloration.

15. Gold Red Platy 

The Gold Red Platy is a striking platyfish and is highly similar to the Sunset Platy in terms of appearance.

As the Sunset Platy has a yellow and golden intense color, the Gold Red Platy has a splash of orange in it as well. Therefore, they have a mixture of intense orange, gold, and yellow color. Their fins have a red hue as well.

16. Rainbow Pintail Platy 

Rainbow Pintail Platies are somewhat similar to Rainbow Platies. But in addition to the colors of Rainbow Platies, they have an additional blend of greens, reds, and oranges. They get the name pintail because they have a point or a small protrusion at the middle of their tail fins. This is the result of the breeding. 

They have gold to black colored caudal and dorsal fins. They can grow to a size of 2.5 inches and you can keep them in an aquarium even if you’re a beginner.


In conclusion, platy fish are a colorful and easy-to-care-for species that make a great addition to any aquarium. With their playful personalities and vibrant colors, they are a favorite among hobbyists of all levels. The top 16 types of platy fish breeds offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and fin shapes that allow you to create a unique and beautiful aquarium. 

It’s important to remember that proper care and maintenance are essential to keeping your platy fish healthy and happy. Make sure to provide them with a clean and spacious aquarium, a balanced diet, and regular water changes. With the right care, your platy fish will thrive and provide you with years of enjoyment. 

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