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Top 5 Best Filter for a 40 Gallon Tank



Top 5 Best Filter for a 40 Gallon Tank

Having and maintaining an aquarium at the best of its condition is every aquarist’s motive.

It certainly is easy these days as there are lots of pieces of equipment available for maintaining the optimal condition of the aquarium. Pieces of equipment such as heaters, filters, thermometers, etc are all essential in an aquarium. 

To keep an aquarium clean and free of toxic chemicals a filter is crucial. In every size of the tank, even a fish bowl needs a filter.

In this article, we will specifically talk about the best filters for a 40-gallon tank.

Top 5 Best filters for a 40 gallon tank 

1. Aqueon QuietFlow E Internal Fish Tank Filter 


For a 40-gallon tank, this filter is an ideal one. It is capable of cleaning your aquarium with all three stages of filtration.

It has a sponge for mechanical filtration, carbon cartridges for chemical filtration, and a bio-holster for biological filtration.

So, this filter cleans with efficacy and makes sure that it remains clean. It is self-priming as well, so setting it up is easy. It also comes with suction cups, making it easy to install. 

Get this filter in your tank and it keeps it clean and maintains the optimal condition for your fish. 

2. Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade 700 Canister Filter 


This Penn Plax Filter can keep your aquarium clean and that too quietly. It performs and does its job efficiently and quietly, creating no disturbance for you.

This filter is also able to do its job in three stages filtration, chemical, biological and mechanical. It also has two considerably large media filter baskets.

It comes with a flow rate of 185 GPH.

3. NICREW Aquarium Internal Filter 


This submersible filter is powerful and can do its job effectively for a 40-gallon tank. It is easy to maintain and clean this filter as disassembling it is easy. Installing it is also a piece of cake.

It comes with four suction cups and the suction cups are strong enough to hold it for a long time. All three types of filtration are present in this filter. 

It has activated carbon and foam capable of catching all the debris and any form of waste. Its biological and chemical filtration is effective and top-notch.

So with its all-around effective filtration, the water column of your tank remains in the best of your condition. It creates bubbles, and therefore adequate water movement is there, meaning it oxygenates your water column as well. 

4. Marineland Penguin 200 Power Filter  


This is a widely known filter for aquariums. It is installed with a rotating bio-wheel which is capable of performing wet and dry biological filtration. Biological filtration is at its best with this filter.

More than that it also does good mechanical and chemical filtration. This filter comes in a variety of sizes such as 75 GPH, 100 GPH, 150 GPH, and many more. So for a 40-gallon tank 75 GPH size is ideal. 

5. Fluval 206 External Filter 


This Fluval filter is magnificent. It does an efficient job of filtering your aquarium. Also, all three stages of filtration are available. With a water flow rate of 206 GPH, your 40-gallon tank will be at its best.

The flow rate is adjustable as well. So you can adjust it accordingly to the preference of the fish species you have. It also operates by creating the minimum sound possible.

It is also equipped with multiple filter baskets. The only thing about this filter is that it costs you quite high.

How to choose the best filter for your tank? 


In a filter, biomedia is essential. Therefore, more is better. Aquarium water may be naturally cleaned with biomedia. Over time, your tank will perform better the more bio-media it has.

  • Millions of beneficial bacteria are required to decompose even a small bit of fish waste.
  • Biomedia reduces the generation of biological nitrate and removes ammonia and nitrate from water. 
  • All filtering types must be included in every filter. Mechanical, chemical, and biological are these.

Having all three of these guarantees that your tank is kept completely clean.

Mechanical filtration

All of the filth that has gathered at the aquarium’s bottom is eliminated using mechanical filtration.

  • With mechanical filtration, solid waste is removed from the water by pumping it around the tank.
  • Unwanted particles become lodged in the mechanical filter sponges used in many aquariums.
  • However, you need to clear out the sponge-based filter material. Your aquarium won’t be adequately filtered if the filter material isn’t cleaned. 

Chemical Filtration

Another technique for removing undesired and hazardous substances from your aquarium uses resins or activated carbon. However, after using the media for a while, you must change it.

Biological filtration

Biological filtration is the process by which certain bacteria change dangerous ammonia and nitrites into the less toxic chemical nitrate.

These bacteria require a surface to develop on, such as rocks, substrate, or filter sponges.

Flow rate 

GPH, or gallons per hour, is the unit used to express the aquarium filter flow rate.

This shows the volume of water the filter’s pump is capable of pumping each hour. It’s usually advised to have a filter with at least four times the tank’s GPH capacity.

The greater the flow, the stronger.

The majority of species benefit from stronger tank flow since it keeps water moving over the bio-media and prevents stagnant areas in your aquarium.

You must be aware of the types of fish you have in your tank, though, because of water flow. Certain species are sensitive to high flow rates. 


The work of a filter is what one requires in an aquarium. Although you will have to consider things before choosing a filter for your tank. The main thing is how effectively it can clean your aquarium. The list in this article contains the best filters for a 40-gallon tank. All the filters are ideal for a 40-gallon tank and you can for any one of them.

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