Top 5 Tips for a Crystal Clear Aquarium Water 

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An immaculate and clean aquarium is the aim of every aquarium owner. With crystal-clear aquarium water, one can make their aquarium a prepossessing and captivating sight. Maintaining the lovely extravaganza of a crystal-clear aquarium is one thing every aquarium owner has to do to achieve the perfect spectacle all the time.

The things that will hinder the clarity of your aquarium are numerous such as algae and dirt. Copious ways of making and maintaining crystal clear aquarium water are there. Making your aquarium water crystal clear and keeping it perpetual is just some methods away.

All you need to have is the energy and passion for it. Without fondness and devotion, nothing can be done decently. Owning an aquarium requires a lot of it. 

This article will guide you through the best tips and methods to maintain a crystal-clear aquarium water. All these are easy tips that you can follow to get what you are aiming for.

Dithering is off the chart and consistency is what you will require if you want a continuous crystal clear water.  

1. Clean your tank  

If you haven’t cleaned your tank for a while and your aquarium is hazy, the indication is clear your tank is dirty. Don’t dawdle in terms of cleaning your tank. Make a habit of cleaning it on a routine basis. A clean and healthy tank is a huge factor that adds up to the crystal clear water of your aquarium.

Not just for water but it will create a healthy environment for your fish to thrive in.  

For an ideal cleaning of your tank, do a water change regularly. Clean filter as well. If the filter is dirty, it means it cannot filter the tank properly.

Clean the filter at regular intervals with aquarium water and replace or clean the filter media when required. If the sponge of the tank is full of dirt it will lead to your tank being dirty and give rise to microbubbles as well. Also, don’t forget to clean and maintain the substrate.

Clean the decorations as well. Remove all the leftover food and fish waste products. If all the leftover food and waste gets accumulated, it won’t take long for your tank to get dirty and make it look cloudy.  

The last thing is the surface of your tank. Wipe it and clean it properly if you wish for a crystal clear view of your aquarium. 

2. Give Food in Proper Proportions 

Dreaming of crystal-clear water but can’t achieve it? Then one major mistake you are doing is overfeeding. Overfeeding leads to leftover food, and haziness is in sequence.

The leftover food will generate ammonia. Too much ammonia will lead to murky water and is harmful to your fish as well.  

Feeding your fish the right amount of food is significant. One method you can follow is giving them the amount of food they can eat within five minutes.

The fish will display signs of being full by not eating the food you are giving them. Take this as a sign for you to stop. Avoid overfeeding at all costs for it is detrimental to the clarity of your tank, and your fish. 

3. Choosing the Right Decorations 

The types of equipment that you use to furnish your aquarium add to the cleanliness and clarity of your water as well. If you have plastic decorations such as plastic plants and rocks then your tank will get dirty quicker than expected.

Algae get built up in plastic plants and rocks quickly. The plastic decors tend to get grimy and dirty very quickly and frequent cleaning is required.  

So get live plants and rocks for your aquarium. These decors don’t get soiled with dirt and contribute less to the dirtiness of your aquarium.

The live plants have other functions as well. It maintains a healthy ecosystem as they help remove the nitrates by absorbing them. They will take in carbon dioxide as well. Embellish your aquarium with the right decorations and your water will remain crystal clear. 

4. Don’t overcrowd your tank 

Overcrowding your tank is also a major issue regarding the clarity of your tank. If you have too many fish in a single tank then you will be confused with feeding.

You will not be able to guess the right amount of food to give to your fish. Whether you gave them less or more is hard to determine. So the chances of overfeeding are huge.  

Not just overfeeding the more fish that you have the more waste products will be there. The waste products will be accumulated and give rise to ammonia. The ammonia will then make your tank hazy.  

Well then avoid overcrowding your aquarium. If your aquarium is already overcrowded then move the fish to another tank or give them back to the store where you bought them from. 

5. Get the Right Filter and Maintain it 

If the filter that you have is not the ideal one then having crystal clear water is something you can never achieve. Choose your filter wisely. Make sure that it performs filtration in all three methods. That is mechanical, chemical, and biological.

All these are required to maintain healthy and clear water in an aquarium. Chemical filtration will get rid of the toxic chemicals, mechanically removes the debris, and biological will control the levels of ammonia and nitrates. You choose from the hang-on-back filter, canister filters, etc. Just take the ones that suit your aquarium.  

The work is not over by just getting an aquarium. You will have to maintain it, clean it, and replace the cartridges when required.  

A crystal clear aquarium water is not that hard to acquire, it is just that it’s hard to maintain the clarity. You have to be aware of all the factors adding up to it and be consistent with the remedies to maintain it. Check for all the signs and if you happen to have one, work on it immediately to avoid the consequences. Give it your all to maintain the clarity of your water, for then your aquarium will become a sight to behold. 

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