Top 6 Best Thermometer for Betta Tank

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Top 6 Best Thermometer for Betta Tank

Just as how a heater is crucial for a tank, the thermometer is also an important factor in the regulation of the temperature of the water.

With a thermometer you will be able to keep track of the temperature of the water column. So it comes as an important element in a tank.

Temperature is one of the factors of the well-being of your fishes. If you don’t keep your fish within the right temperature range, they will not be living but surviving. If kept in wrong temperature they will undergo stress leading to diseases. 

In this article we will talk about the best thermometers for Betta tank. So here goes. 

Top 6 best thermometers for Betta Tank

1. Capetsma Fish Tank Thermometer 

Price: $15.99

1. Capetsma Touch Screen Fish Tank Thermometer 

This is the best thermometer not just for a Betta Tank, but for all species of fish. It is wireless, battery-powered, and very user-friendly. It comes with an LCD with a crystal clear indication of the temperature.

So you don’t need to squint your eyes to get a reading of the temperature. You can stick the thermometer to the glass of the aquarium. Although, once you have attached it to the glass, it can become a handful to remove.

It gives an accurate reading of the temperature of the water column on both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale.

It also has a built-in option of setting the needed temperature range in the water column, and if the temperature exceeds or drops the set range of temperature, it indicates it with a flash. 

2. JW Pet Company Fusion Thermometer

Price: $7.48

This might not be a digital thermometer, but it can give an accurate reading of the temperature. It is an alcohol thermometer, and reading the temperature is not difficult at all. It is built properly and comes with a safe zone marking. 

Setting it up on the tank is also easy. It comes with a magnet that goes on the outer side of the tank. So you have to align the thermometer and the magnet where you want the thermometer in the tank. It is that easy.

3. HDE LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer 

Price: $7.47

This digital thermometer is one of the best out there. It is very easy to install and has an excellent display making it easy to read the temperature.

It can read the temperature on both the Celsius and the Fahrenheit scale and is accurate to 0.1 of a degree. Its wire has a suction cup on it, making it very easy to attach to the aquarium.

It can also detect the temperature in a wider range. This one is battery-powered as well. 

4. Marina Floating Thermometer 

Price: $2.99

The Marina Thermometer is a budget-friendly thermometer that contains a red alcohol solution.

It is wireless and it floats vertically. It also comes with a suction cup, although using the suction up depends on your wish. It also has a safe zone marked in green color.

Although it’s best to not stick to this safe zone as the preferred temperature ranges depend upon the species of fish. Reading this thermometer is not easy and must be observed carefully and directly to get an accurate temperature. 

5. AQUANEAT Aquarium Thermometer 

Price: $22 for 6 Pieces

This digital thermometer is an ideal thermometer for a tank.

Installing it is easy and can give an accurate reading of the temperature. It comes with a suction cup and the cord also has a suction cup attached to it.

It has an LCD which makes it easy to identify the temperature and gives a clear-cut view of the temperature. So you can make out the temperature from far away as well. The suction cup is also very good in holding the cord and the thermometer in place. 

6. Zacro LCD Digital Thermometer 

Price: $7.54

This is another digital thermometer on this list. The Zacro Digital thermometer with its LCD is easy to identify the temperature. It has an accuracy of within 1 degree.

It can read a huge range of temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It has two suction cups which are very strong in holding the cord and the thermometer. It might come off as a little more expensive than the others but is a good thermometer.

What is the best temperature range for Bettas?

Now that we are done with the list of the best thermometers for Betta Tank, let us move on to the best temperature range for Bettas. Bettas prefer temperature ranges between 78℉ to 84℉. This range of temperature is the best for Bettas. Within this range, the best or the sweet spot is 82℉. Although you must avoid fluctuation as they can get stressed easily.

How to choose the best aquarium for yourself? 

Before getting a thermometer for yourself, you need to consider some factors. 

Accuracy and Range 

You must get yourself a thermometer that gives an accurate reading of the temperature. If the thermometer can’t give you the right temperature, then it is useless. The digital thermometers with an LCD are the ones that give the most accurate temperature. With mercury thermometers, it is not easy to read the temperature. 

The range of temperature that the thermometer can detect is also a factor that needs to be scrutinized. It should go hand in hand with the temperature which is needed. 

Build Quality 

The next factor which needs a close look is the build quality of the thermometer. Getting the best quality thermometer is the best one for you. Getting cheap ones is never the answer as they are not that durable and won’t be able to give an accurate reading of the temperature as well. 

Type of Thermometer 

There are three types of thermometers in an aquarium. They are Floating thermometers, Stick-on thermometers, and digital thermometers. 

Floating Thermometers are the ones that are stuck using a suction cup or simply kept inside the water column. These thermometers are quite hard to read from outside the tank. As most of these are made of glass, so it has a chance of breaking. 

The Stick on thermometers come as the type which is attached to the outer side of the tank. Although this thermometer has a higher chance of being inaccurate as it is attached to the outer side, therefore the outside temperature influences the reading of temperature. 

The digital thermometers come with a cable and a display. You can attach it to the tank at all times or at certain times to check the temperature. Some of the digital thermometers run on a battery or have a plug. Some even have the function where you can set up the needed range of temperature and will set off if that range is crossed.

So here is the list of the best thermometers for Betta tank. You can get any of the filter from above for yourself. Although first see for yourself if it is fit your you and your tank or not. Check everything before getting one for yourself. 

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