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Top Ten Best Fish Tank Filters For your Aquarium



Best Fish Tank Filters

Choosing a suitable filter for your aquarium is very important. The cleanliness of your tank determines the comfort of your fish. You might become confused as there are a lot of different types of filters to choose from and they vary from size to quality. Here I have shortlisted the best among the different types of filters.

1. Fluval Fx6

In the case of canister filters, there is no better option than this one. The Fluval FX6 is a very good quality filter and does its job very well. It is ideal for large aquariums and is capable of performing well in tanks up to 400 gallons. There is an array of prices and sizes of it.

This filter will do its job on its own all you need to do is add water and turn it on. It is equipped with an air-tight seal which gives a proper flow rate and effective quietness while it operates. Being a canister filter, it takes up a larger space than other types of filters.

With a multi-stage filtration process, your aquarium the cleanliness of your aquarium is a given. Its chemical filtration has no drawbacks as the carbon layer does not fail to ward off toxins from your aquarium. The sponge allows effective bacterial growth and also removes small particles from the water keeping your aquarium free from dirt.

You can also adjust the water flow as you want it. This filter does not produce much noise and as the time for cleaning it approaches it noise will start to increase. With all these cool and great features, it is not a good choice to use this filter in tanks under 250 gallons.

2. Aquaclear HOB Power Filter

The Aquaclear power filter is an excellent hang-on back filter. It comes in different sizes and the price varies according to it. This filter is not that hard to install but it has a bit more parts when compared to other filters. So, you will have more parts to clean.

As it is a hang-on back filter it does occupy much space. It is equipped with a unique multi-stage filtration system that overall gives very good results. The beneficial bacteria can grow without any trouble on the surface of the sponge.

It has Biomax Ceramic Rings that does a great job with filtration and has a layer of activated carbon that exterminates all the toxic substances. It gives out a very low noise. It also has a feature from which you can control the flow of the water according to your aquarium’s requirements. This filter is effective for tanks of any size and is suitable for any breed of fish.

3. AZOO Mignon Filter 60

If you have got a tank of a small size this is a very good choice for you. The AZOO Mignon Filter 60 is suitable for tanks from 5 to 20 gallons. Even though it is very small it offers effective chemical, mechanical and biological filtration.

It is very easy to maintain. You can also adjust the flow rate with it and the replacement of the filter cartridge is also easy. It can filter 60 L per hour that too by consuming only 1 watt. It also has a sponge pre-filter and beneficial bacteria can also thrive in it.

4. Xinyou XY

The Xinyou XY filter is an excellent air-driven filter. This filter is made for larger tanks as it will cause a lot of turbulence. Although it does a great job with cleaning your tank. It does not take up much space and it does the filtering job very effectively.

It has a carbon-filled sponge that cleans out the toxic substances from your tank. The sponge also removes all the small particles. It also does a great job with biological filtration as it connects the water with air as the filtering process is carried out.

This filter will keep your tank clean and clear. You will have to clean the filter every two weeks and replace it every three months. As it creates turbulence only use this filter on larger tanks and not in planted tanks.

5. Fluval U4

The Fluval U4 is a very good filter and it is the best choice for aquariums that are against a wall. As it is an internal filter the setting up is a bit of a task. This filter can filter up to 260 gallons per hour. It does a great job with biological filtration and beneficial bacteria thrive on it.

It comes with a two-pack carbon filtration pad for chemical filtration and does a great job of removing toxic substances. It can also filter the particles but as it is an internal filter the particles floating on the top will not be filtered.

It doesn’t produce much noise. You have to clean it about once every two weeks and change the filter cartridges. You also have to check for large particles in the intake area to prevent clogging issues. Don’t use this or any internal filter if you have large live plants as they might clog the intake area.

6. Oase Biomaster Thermo

This filter comes with the option of putting in a heater or not. If you don’t want the heater at first but later if you change your mind and want it no problem you can fit it in this filter.

The Oase Biomaster Thermo comes with a great filtration system. The surface makes a great place for beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. It is equipped with carbon pre-filter foams that clear away the toxic substances and also replacing these foams is easy. You can also adjust the flow. It also produces minimal sound while operating. It comes in a variety of sizes.

7. Aqueon Large Filter Quietflow Internal

This is also a good internal filter. It comes in 4 different sizes. It comes with suction cups making the installation step quite easy and the suction cups do a great job in holding it. it also doesn’t take up much space from 3 gallons to 40 gallons.

This filter also does a great job with filtering. It will clear out any solid particles. It will also remove all the toxic substances and make the water clean and clear. You will have to change the bio-holster if it becomes too dirty and replace the cartridges, and it is pretty easy to do these things. It produces a little sound that is not noticeable.

8. Fluval 207 canister

The Fluval 207 canister is a great filter and is very popular. It comes in various tank sizes. It has an efficient filtration system. The setup of this filter is also very simple. It has a powerful motor that elevates the pumping power and pressure. The inlet/outlet tubing is very good. It produces almost no sound and you won’t even notice that it is on.

9. Marineland Penguin Power Filter

The Marineland Penguin Power Filter is a hang-on back filter and it is one of the most effective hang-on back filters. They come in various sizes and the price varies with them. They offer a good three-stage filtration for cleaner tanks and you can also adjust the flow rate with it.

It is equipped with bio-wheels that offer great biological filtration and allow the effective growth of beneficial bacteria. With every rotation of the wheels, beneficial bacteria are released therefore keeping your tank free from ammonia.

They can also clean away particles but larger ones can accumulate at the intake hose and you might have to take them off manually. The filtration system is also equipped with carbon that will clean off harmful chemicals. This filter is great for medium-sized tanks.

It gives effective water circulation and the filtration system will keep your aquarium clean and clear. The bio-wheels will give out a certain amount of noise and it gives out turbulence which makes your aquarium look messy.

10. Penn Plax Premium Undergravel Filter

If you have planted tanks then go for undergravel filters. The Penn Plax Premium Undergravel Filter is the best choice when it comes it undergravel filters. These are very easy to install and will keep your tank clean and will appear clear. It can filter up to 150 gallons per hour. It provides excellent chemical filtration as it is equipped with Filt-A-Carb cartridges.

It also does a good job with mechanical filtration with its fine porous air stones but does not give the effective output as that of a mesh or a sponge. It produces noise with the air passing through it. It has two carbon filter cartridges that do a good job of cleaning out the waste and toxins of the tank. The flow rate of this filter is suitable for goldfish, Bettas, etc.

You have to install and an air pump too if you wish to use this filter. You can also use this filter with a fine filter floss for better filtration. But if you have a tank with live plants this is not a filter for you.

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