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Are Chilli Rasboras Aggressive? They Aren’t But …..



Are Chilli Rasboras Aggressive

Out of the many species of fish, Chilli Rasboras have made a benchmark for themselves because of their vibrant red colors and chilling appearance. Their diminutive size and striking red hue make them a popular choice among aquarists seeking to infuse a burst of color into their aquatic landscapes. Although they might be a visually stunning species of fish, you should look into the temperament of the species as well.  

Chilli Rasboras
Chilli Rasboras

Chili Rasboras (Boraras brigittae) are generally not considered aggressive fish. In fact, they are known for their peaceful and non-aggressive nature. These tiny fish are quite social and prefer to be kept in groups, which can help reduce stress and aggression in the aquarium.

While Chili Rasboras are not typically aggressive toward other fish species, they can be timid and may be intimidated by larger or more aggressive tankmates. It’s essential to choose tankmates carefully, keeping them small, peaceful, and non-aggressive, as they can be easily stressed by aggressive or nippy fish.

Whether they’re aggressive or peaceful, it is crucial to know about their temperament to maintain the harmony of your aquarium.

In this article, we explore the mind of the chili rasboras and linger around the question: Are Chilli Rasboras Aggressive? With this knowledge, you will be able to create a harmonious environment for your Chilli Rasboras and other fishes in your tank. 

Are Chilli Rasboras Aggressive?  

Chilli Rasboras
Chilli Rasboras

When it comes to temperament, Chilli Rasboras are peaceful species of fish. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your Rasboras having beef with other fish in your tank. But as they are small in size they are in danger of aggression from other fishes and can easily become food of larger aggressive fishes. So, you need to be careful with picking tankmates for them.  

But Chilli Rasboras have an aggressive side. They are capable of showing aggression during mating.  

What fish can live with chili rasboras?: Chilli Rasbora Tank Mates 

Chilli Rasbora Tank Mates 
Image source – Aquarium Co-op

As Chilli Rasboras are tiny species of fish with a peaceful temperament, you must pair them with suitable fishes. Chili rasboras are renowned for their sociable and peaceful nature, often thriving in shoals where they exhibit a sense of unity and coexistence. Although larger fishes and aggressive ones can harass Chilli Rasboras, they might even end up being food.  

Therefore you should carefully pick tank mates for Chilli Rasboras. For Chilli Rasbora Tankmates, you must have peaceful fishes that will not harass them. The best tankmates for Chilli Rasboras include: 

  • Rosy Loaches 
  • Sparkling Gouramis  
  • Endler’s livebearer  
  • Neon Tetras 
  • Ember Tetras  
  • Neon green Rasboras 
  • Snails and Shrimps 

Can Chili Rasboras live with bettas? 

Can chili rasboras live with bettas

Chili Rasboras are tiny species of peaceful fish and one must think it to be a crazy idea to keep it with Bettas. But Bettas are also a compatible tank mate for Chilli Rasboras. Bettas are known for being aggressive, but this aggression is only towards their kind. They are aggressive towards other Bettas only. So, Chili Rasboras can live with Bettas. 

But for it, you need to have a larger tank which will provide enough space for both the species to swim around. As Chili Rasboras tend to become active, it can sometimes get in the way of Bettas which might trigger aggression.  

Is Chilli Rasbora territorial?  

Chilli Rasboras are peaceful species of fish and do not show any kind of aggression and territorial nature to other fishes. Although, they can be aggressive and highly territorial during breeding. This is the natural behavoir of the species when they are breeding. Moreover, it is only the males that show territorial behavior during breeding.  

Chili Rasbora Male vs Female  

Chili Rasboras might be a small fish but identifying and differentiating male and female is an easy job. Knowing whether you have a male or female is important if you wish to breed chili rasboras. To ensure that you have a mix of males and females, get a group of six chili rasboras in your aquarium.  

To differentiate between them, you only need to look at their color and size.  

In Chili Rasboras, the males usually have small and slender bodies. Moreover, the details in their body are more defined. Although the females have a larger and chunky body than the males.  

In terms of color, males have a brighter and more vibrant color in their bodies. Whereas, females have a dull color compared to the males. 

Chili Rasbora Size  

Chili Rasboras are small vibrant fishes. They look like small rays of red color while they swim around in your aquarium. Chili Rasboras can grow only to a size of about 2 cm and having a school of them will make your tank shine.  

Chili Rasbora tank size  

Chili Rasboras are tiny species of fish, so they will not require too large a tank. Although they need to be kept in groups as they do best in groups of 6 to 8. For such a group of Chili Rasboras, a 10-gallon tank is perfect. Moreover, they are also lively fishes, and in a 10-gallon tank, they will have enough space to swim around. 

How many Chili Rasbora in a 5-gallon tank? 

Even though a 5-gallon tank might not be the best for a group of Chili Rasbora, they can do well in it. In a 5-gallon tank, you can keep about a group of 5 to 6 Chili Rasbora but do not stock more than that. If you wish to have more, you have to increase the tank size.  

Chili Rasbora temperature and pH level  

You have to provide the ideal levels of water parameters for Chili Rasboras. In terms of temperature, Chili Rasboras do well between 72-81 °F. As for pH Chili Rasboras prefer between 4.0 to 7.0 with 6.0 being the sweet spot. 


In the aquatic tapestry of fishkeeping, the temperament of each species paints a unique stroke that defines their presence within an aquarium community. Chili rasboras, with their vibrant red hues and small stature, are truly captivating creatures that have found a special place in the hearts of aquarists. These captivating species of fish are peaceful and can co-exist with most fish species, but be careful while selecting the tankmates for them.  

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