Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants For Aquarium

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Every aquarium enthusiast wants their aquarium to look vibrant and beautiful. For this purpose, there is no better choice than keeping plants in your aquarium.

The plants not only make your aquarium stand out in terms of looks but will also reduce the levels of nitrate in your aquarium. In this article I have listed the ten fastest-growing plants for you:

1. Waterweed

The Waterweed or Elodia is probably the fastest plant species that can grow when it comes to an aquarium. There are many species of waterweed that you can choose from. This plant doesn’t require too much light to grow. Although keeping the light too low will result in it turning brown and it will fall apart as a consequence.

If you want it to grow fast you can add CO2 but it is not necessary as this plant can grow quickly even without CO2.

Avail yourself with this plant from any local store that sells these and it is inexpensive. Planting it is also not that hard. You just have to push them deep down into the substrate.

If you don’t push it deep enough the currents or even your fish can pluck it out of the substrate. They can also be propagated easily you just need to cut a portion of its stem and then push the cut-off portion in the substrate.

2. Duckweed

The Duckweed is an aquarium plant that doesn’t require too much care and is perfect for beginners. These plants float on the surface of your aquarium water. This is one of the reasons that it can grow fast as it can easily get sunlight and carbon dioxide.

They also don’t have roots or stems that can take up the space of the tank. They can grow and thrive even in low lights. Although the low maintenance that they require doesn’t mean that you should ignore them.

Almost everything works in the Duckweed’s favor so it can grow so fast that it can occupy the whole surface of the water.

So, keep them checking from time to time, and if you feel like they are starting to take up the space of the surface remove some of them manually.

If you allow it to take up over the surface your aquarium might get low sunlight and the oxygen levels will go down.

3. Amazon Sword

The Amazon Sword is also a plant that requires low maintenance. This means that it is a good plant for beginners. They also come in red color which gives a very vibrant look to your aquarium.

This plant can grow very much as they tend to become tall, up to 15 inches.

Their leaves can also become big and keeping them in the middle rather than the corners is good as it will get the required amount of space to thrive.

This plant requires light to thrive and grow. You can use any kind of light and you have to keep it on for about half a day for this plant.

As it can grow and become tall and big it requires a thick substrate of about 2.5 inches. Get a substrate and make a hole in it and just put it in there. Keeping this plant in your aquarium is not as hard as it sounds, just make sure that you fulfill its little needs.

4. Pygmi Chain Sword Plant

The Pygmi Chain Sword plant also doesn’t require that much care. The amount of care it requires is similar to that of the Amazon Sword.

This plant can grow up to 3-4 inches and it requires a somewhat thick substrate to thrive on. As it grows it will engulf all the area of the substrate.

The amount of light that is required is neither too high nor too low. As it covers all the substrate it gives a nice green look to your aquarium.

5. Dwarf Ambulia

The Dwarf Ambulia is also an easy aquarium to grow. It grows relatively fast without much care and doesn’t require CO2.

You can simply get a cutting and plant it on your aquarium, it will grow with little to no trouble. It has very beautiful green leaves and will make your aquarium appear vibrant and beautiful.

The light requirement for this plant is moderate.

It can grow up to 40 cm so if you have a small tank it is a great idea to trim them if they grow too much. They can tolerate temperatures from 20-28℃.

6. Dwarf Saggitaria

The Dwarf Saggitaria is also a great plant for beginners. This plant generally has short leaves and it can grow from 4-6 inches tall.

With its bright green color, it will make your tank look gorgeous. It can grow very fast and create a carpet. The light that it requires is moderate as it is the perfect amount of light for it. If it is too low it can decrease the speed of growth.

So, if you want a small one you can give it low lights but if you want slightly bigger ones you can expose them to moderate light. It can grow rapidly in substrates that are rich in iron and CO2.

The ideal temperature for this plant ranges between 68-82℉. The most ideal pH levels for them are 6-8.

7. Hornwort

Hornwort is one of the easiest plants to grow in an aquarium. It can grow rapidly and it grows up to be very tall. It can grow up to 10 feet.

As hornwort doesn’t have any root you can let it float or anchor it to any decoration that you have in your aquarium or to the substrate.

When it comes to light requirements, the more light that you expose it to the larger and greener it will grow.

The most ideal temperature for it ranges between 59-86℉ and the ideal pH level ranges between 6-7.5.

It is also able to get nutrients for itself as it has allelopathy abilities that allow them to absorb all the nutrients.

8. Hygrophila Polysperma

Hygrophila Polysperma is a fast-growing plant that can grow new plants from its stems. So, it can become dense very fast.

Adding CO2 is not recommended for this plant. It can grow up to 60 cm at the most. They require moderate light to grow effectively. It is also very easy to propagate it.

You can do it by manually plucking a stem and pushing it deep within the substrate.

The ideal temperature for them ranges between 64-86℉ and the ideal pH levels range between 5-8.

9. Water Wisteria

The Water Wisteria is a low-maintenance fast-growing plant for aquariums. It can grow up to 20 inches and in terms of width it can grow up to 10 inches.

Tanks with the size of 20 gallons are probably the best for them. They are bright green.

The ideal temperature that they require ranges between 70-82℉ and the ideal pH levels ranges between 6.5-7.5.

They will thrive on sandy substrate. It can also give carpet but for it, you have to plant it on the side. It is also very easy to propagate.

10. Java Moss

Java Moss is a plant that requires very low maintenance.

The amount of light that is required for this plant to grow is low. Low light conditions are best for this plant because if you expose it to high lighting it will grow extensively but will contribute to the growth of algae in your tank.

The suitable temperature for this plant ranges between 59-86℉ and the ideal pH levels range between 5-8. It also doesn’t require fertilizers.

The Java Moss can be placed anywhere in the tank as per your desire.

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