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When Is The Best Time To Feed Fish? 



Food is among a lot of things that come to your mind when buying an aquarium. Even if you have an already properly established tank then the first thing that comes to your mind will be feeding your fish. These are obvious things. What kind of aquarium owners will forget to feed their fish. It is through the foods that your fish will get the necessary nutrients and have a harmonious life. Although there comes in a lot of things when it comes to feeding a fish.  

You will have to make up a schedule to feed them. The amount must be correct. You wouldn’t want to fiddle around with excess food, it will bring forth unforeseen undesired circumstances. It is best to stick with the correct amount of food. There are a lot of things that come around when feeding. In this article, you will find the best time to feed your fish and other things related to feeding. 

How many times to feed fish in a day?  

Concerning this, feeding fish about two times is the best option. Although, some aquarists feed their fish three times a day. Well, it is not wrong to give food three times, the main goal would be not to overfeed. You must take into account the feeding habit and size of the fish. If your fish is herbivorous, they need to be fed quite frequently in small quantities each time. If your fish is big, they can go by without eating longer than others and so on.  

Although the best option would be to feed the fish twice a day. If you are of the lot that gives food three times a day, then make sure not to overfeed. Feeding your fish the correct amount is ideal. Also, remember to spread the food evenly around the tank and not concentrate on one area. In that way, all the fish of the tank won’t be able to have their food. Take into consideration the shy ones as well. They will be hiding in caves or under the plants. You will have to drop the food near them or else they won’t be able to eat. 

What is the best time to feed fish?  

Now that we know how many times to feed your fish, what is the right time to feed the fish might be troubling you. In the case of the best time to feed the fish, it would be to feed them once in the morning and once in the evening. Make a feeding schedule. Pick out the best time when you can give food to your fish in the morning and the evening.  

One thing you can do is to feed your fish according to your eating time. You can align their feeding schedule with your breakfast and dinner time. If your breakfast time is coming around, go and feed your fish, and the same goes for dinner. The need for making a schedule is because you don’t want to slip feeding your fish off the mind. 

What amount to feed each time?  

Well for this you must first do the test of how much they can eat within five minutes. You might be familiar with it. Give them a small amount of food at first, if they finish it then again put food for them. Continue this for five minutes or until your fish starts to ignore food. The amount that you fed them is the correct one and keep it engraved in your mind.  

In this way, you will be able to avoid overfeeding and your fish will get the right amount as well, neither more nor less. 

What to do if you’re travelling? 

This is a problem that is faced by every aquarist and if you haven’t, it will come sooner or later. There will come a time when you will have to leave the house for a couple of days, whether it be a work thing or a family vacation. The only thing you can rely on is someone else to feed your fish. It can be your friend, neighbor, or relative. Remember to give it to someone who you fully trust or your vacation will be filled with you worrying about your fish.  

Explain to them the amount of time you feed your fish, the correct amount, and the right time. The time of feeding and how many times is easy to capture, but what about the quantity. For that, you can put the required amount in a small plastic bag and give it to them. If you have multiple aquariums then you can label the plastic bags with the species of fish in each aquarium. Follow these steps and you need not worry about feeding when you’re away. 

So it is not hard to schedule the times to feed your fish. Just pick the perfect time where it goes well with your daily routine. The main priority should be that your fish get the nutrients they require. Make it such a time that you can feed your wish without worrying about other things. Avoid feeding hastily as it can lead to not being enough or too much. If there are leftovers, it’s not a good sign, for it will create havoc in your aquarium. Feed them the correct amount at the right time then nothing will go wrong. 

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